Meet the Team

“We solve problems and bring ideas to life locally, and internationally. SSCG is a multi-faceted company specializing in multiple areas, including but not limited to programming/development, social media marketing, business consulting, technical consulting and more! We specialize in customer facing, and b2b web, and mobile applcation solutions.”

Steven Hooley


Born and raised in Utah; Steven Hooley is an American inventor, developer, consultant, international public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Featured in multiple publications, his story is one of true inspiration, ambition, and persistence. In his professional career, Mr. Hooley started by working for some of the world’s largest tech corporations where he consulted on technical issues for some of the worlds biggest Fortune 500/100 companies, as well as international governments, banks, telecoms and more. Over the past decade he has focused on innovating in multiple fields including consulting in finance, real estate, marketing, trading, cryptocurrency, and more. In the past 5-6 years, he has built, managed, and scaled 6-7 figure businesses, developed multi-million dollar applications, consulted for 8-9 figure businesses, and individuals. Mr. Hooley has previously been noted as a “Savant”. His work spans the entire globe, having effected the countless lives.

Shawn Fucile

Operations Manager

Born in the USA, and raised in Utah; Mr. Fucile is a driven, and compassionate leader. A determined mind with an incredibly passionate heart. His communication, and charismatic personality makes for not only an excellent Operations Manager, but also a wonderful personality for clients. He’s a brilliant strategist, and there is nothing he can’t accomplish when he puts his mind to it. Mr. Fucile has many years of corporate leading experience. He has created multi-faceted  operational structures, training curriculums, and managed many diverse teams both domestically and overseas. The kind of operational productivity, and vibrant culture Mr. Fucile can generate will leave you feeling very happy he’s overseeing your projects. He is certainly a man of many valuable talents, and skills. There are too many to list them all, which is what makes him the perfect Operations Manager.

Susana Dos Anjos

Creative Director

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Texas; Don’t let the beauty fool you, as she is the culmination of beauty, talent, and intellect that any company would love to have on their team. A master networker, and international socialite, her professional background & influence threads deep; with an impressive list of accolades such as founding her own consulting agency where she consulted for small to large businesses for years, working as a high-caliber marketing executive for InstaFame: an Instagram Growth Company (Software/SaaS), co-hosting major “Master Mind” events with multi-millionaires from various fields, successfully learning/capitalizing on cryptocurrency, drop shipping in e-commerce, and even a bit of modeling in Hollywood before coming to help us manage our teams, and international projects. Today, Miss Anjos is one of our talented executives creating powerful solutions, and consulting for our valued clientel.

Stephanie Cisneros

HR Manager & Quality Control Analyst

Born and raised in Texas; Miss. Cisneros is a powerfully independent thinker, assertive but very compassionate, and an organized go-getter. Miss Cisneros is an amazing networker, often prioritizing her connections with people over herself. But don’t let that fool you, as Miss Cisneros isn’t just all beauty, her intelligence and critical thinking skills are right up there with the best. Prior to joining SSCG joining the team as a HR Manager, and Quality Analyst — She worked as a NHA Certified Medical Assistant for the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the state of Texas, where she also served as a lead MA, OSHA officer, HIPAA Compliance Liaison, and Safety Compliance Liaison. As a HR professional, Miss. Cisneros has experience with HR process, policy development, and implementation, compliance, employee relations and performance management, HR strategy development, and recruitment. Miss Cisneros is certified in HR Management, and in the process of getting her AS(Associates of Science) with a major in Social Work and minor in Sociology.

Landry Some

Lead Developer & Project Manager

Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and raised in Montreal, Canada; Landry Somé is an African-Canadian-American software developer, database manager, project manager and entrepreneur. Mr. Somé holds a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in database implementation and management. Prior to being employed by SSCG as a lead developer, Mr. Somé was spearheading the growth of multiple ventures that he built with his business partners whom he met during his years at Georgia State University and DeVry University. Running businesses such as event planning and promotion, clothing brands and real estate investing has led to the accumulation of unimaginable skills that make him the absolute perfect candidate to help run and maintain a tech company as lead developer. Mr. Somé has experience with everything from software development to business development, growth and maintenance. Mr. Somé has often been referred to as a guru in his field and as a pioneer of new practices that affect the entire industry.

Timothy Gann

Project Manager & Marketing Specialist

Timothy Ian Gann is Silicon Slopes Consulting Project Manager and Marketing Specialist. Timothy started his career as a manager for independent artists in the music industry in 2016. Now, 5 years later in 2021 is employed by the most reliable tech consulting companies in Utah. Timothy’s background in creating systems for copywriting, advertising, marketing, lead generation and management allows him to help you find the best solutions to launching your business and/or project. Timothy is all about win/win solutions and is customer focused to create the best experience possible.